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Eco-friendly Waterborne Semiconductor Inks Using Surfactant

However, there is still much to be learned. In this Third Edition of the successful classic, author and expert Drew Myers combines the latest information available in the field of surfactants with his original, accessible text on the subject. Now fully updated to reflect recent developments in working with surfactants in both model and practical systems, the Third Edition of Surfactant Science and Technology provides a solid introduction to the field of surfactant science.

Written especially for beginners and nonspecialists who would like a practical but not necessarily comprehensive knowledge of the field, this clear, cogent text conveys the most fundamental and useful concepts of surfactant action and application. New chapters bring readers up to date on current biological and medical applications of surfactants, as well as applications in food science, cosmetics, and other areas. In addition to new chapters, Surfactant Science and Technology includes illustrative problems at the end of each chapter.

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These problems explain concepts discussed and stimulate imaginative solutions on the part of the reader. A helpful bibliography of supplementary resources for readers who desire more detail has also been included. Surfactant Science and Technology, Third Edition is an invaluable resource for surface and polymer chemists, chemical and industrial engineers, and a wide range of chemistry students.

A general introduction to surfactants, surface activity, and surfactant applications Important advances in the tools available for studying the activity of surfactants has significantly increased scientific understanding of interfaces at the molecular level. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs! With fast shipping, low prices, friendly service and over 1,, in stock items - you're bound to find what you want, at a price you'll love!


Please view eBay estimated delivery times at the top of the listing. We are unable to deliver faster than stated. Surfactants are typically classified based on their polar head as the hydrophobic tails are often similar. If the head group has no charge, the surfactant is called non-ionic. If the head group has negative or positive charge, it is called anionic or cationic, respectively.

If it contains both positive and negative groups, then the surfactant is called zwitterionic. Anionic and nonionic surfactants are by far the most used surfactant types in industry. Anionic surfactant find use especially in cleaning product like laundry detergents and shampoos. Noninonic surfactants on the other hand are often used as wetting agents and in food industry.

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Both cationic and zwitterionic surfactants are more for special use as they are more expensive to produce. Because of their amphiphilic nature, surfactants absorb at the air-water or oil-water interface. At the interface, surfactants align themselves so that the hydrophobic part is in air or oil and hydrophilic part in water.

The cohesive forces between the water molecules are very strong making the surface tension of water high.

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As surfactants absorb they break these interactions. The intermolecular forces between surfactant and water molecule are much lower than between two water molecules and thus surface tension will decrease. When the surfactant concentration is high, they form micelles. The point at which micelles are formed is called critical micelle concentration.

Surfactant Science & Technology

The main purpose of the surfactants is to decrease the surface and interfacial tension and stabilize the interface. Without surfactants washing laundry would be difficult and many of the food products like mayonnaise and ice cream would not exist.

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Thus optimization of surfactants for different applications is highly important and surface and interfacial tension measurements have the key role in it. If you would like to read more how surfactants are utilized in industry, please download the overview below. A basic requirement of any coating is that it should form a uniform, defect-free surface.

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Surface and interfacial tensions play a key role in that. The net force, which effectively aims to keep the liquid together, is called surface tension. Surfactants are used in many industrial fields. Characterization of surfactants is thus important to optimize their performance and the products they are applied to.

Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology
Surfactant Science and Technology Surfactant Science and Technology

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