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Conkling, What Lincoln asked a friend to read at a Union rally in his hometown. Letter to Edward Everett, Lincoln responds to compliments about his remarks at Gettysburg.

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Letter to Albert G. Hodges, Reveals Lincoln's position on constitutional responsibility and emancipation.

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Letter to Mrs. Eliza P. Gurney, Lincoln thanks a Quaker woman for her prayers and concern. Bixby, The much-praised message to a widow who lost sons in the war.

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Temperance Address, Lincoln disturbs his listeners by urging persuasion and reason. Eulogy on Henry Clay, Lincoln praises his "beau ideal of a statesman" on his death. Second Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions, Lincoln the patent holder goes on the lecture circuit.

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Address before the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, Lincoln goes to the fair, slipping in a word for free labor and education. Cooper Union Address, The brilliant effort expressing the intentions of the signers of the Constitution.

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  • Farewell Address, A touching good-bye to his hometown friends. Address in Independence Hall, An inaugural journey speech which refers to the Declaration of Independence. First Inaugural Address, Lincoln pleads with his "dissatisfied fellow countrymen" to avoid war.

    Response to a Serenade, Impromptu remarks which foreshadowed later remarks at Gettysburg. The Gettysburg Address, The classic speech demonstrating mastery of thought and expression.

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    Speeches to Ohio Regiments, Words of thanks to soldiers returning from war. I had to draw that pic. Boris Johnson: I'm going to be responsible for the biggest disaster at Tory conference Set designer: Hold my b r.

    Social media users compared the performance to disastrous TV shows and conference speeches of the past. The last time I watched a car crash like that on TV pic.

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    We don't say that. It's not a thing. But May had the last laugh on social media. The Conservatives have been criticised for lacklustre social media marketing over the past couple of years, including some particularly poor sponsored Instagram posts during conference. The P45 prank. Play Video. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Theresa May.

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    Political Letters and Speeches Political Letters and Speeches
    Political Letters and Speeches Political Letters and Speeches
    Political Letters and Speeches Political Letters and Speeches
    Political Letters and Speeches Political Letters and Speeches
    Political Letters and Speeches Political Letters and Speeches

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