Mozart and His Operas

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Lecture 17

Finally, his guest arrives and in turn asks him to join him.

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Feeling no regrets for all his unscrupulous behaviour, Don Giovanni accepts. Figaro himself is followed by Marcellina, an old spinster who claims an old promise of Figaro to marry her in return for lending her money.

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Encouraged by Figaro and Susanna, Rosina decides to win back her husband through a cunning play with Cherubino. The Marriage of Figaro contains some of the most popular pieces of Mozart music, namely the overtures and arias.

Listen in to the overture in the video below. Guglielmo and Ferrando want to prove that their brides to be Fiordiligi and Dorabella are. They disguise as Albanians, while Don Alfonso tells the two sisters that their bridegrooms need to join the military.

The false Albanians approach Fiordiligi and Dorabella, and soon make a pass at them. At first, both are confirm their love to their bridegrooms. However, after the Albanians threaten to commit suicide if the girls reject them, they soften up though not enough to even exchange a kiss.

Both ask for forgiveness.

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It takes place in Northern Italy. Count Belfiore almost killed his wife, Marchesa Violante, out of jealousy, and escaped because he thought she was dead. He ends up taking the noble Arminda as his fiance. Arminda is the niece of Don Anchise, the chief magistrate of the local municipality. However, Violante still loves Belfiore and wants to be close to him. Hence she takes the name of Sandrina, he changes his name to Nardo.

Don Anchise learns that Count Belfiore is the supposed murderer of the missing Violante and wants to capture Belfiore. This spurs Violante to unveil her true identity, and she forgives her husband Count Belfiore. Subsequently, his fiance Arminda returns to her old love Don Ramiro, who she had abandoned for Count Belfiore. Its plot is a little easier than most other Mozart operas. Together, Tamino and Papageno set forth to free Pamina. Both manage to escape but Sarastro and his servant Monostatos find them.

Isis and Osiris inform Sarastro in a palm forest that Tamino and Pamino, who have really fallen in love with each other, are allowed to become a couple. However, Pamina must not return to her mother, the Queen of the Night. Meanwhile, the Queen of the Night encourages Pamina to stab Sarastro. Sarastro unites Tamino and Pamina. The born Spanish and Muslim Bassa Selim buys them and lets them live under benign conditions in his palace at the seaside. Finally, Belmonte finds Pedrillo. The servant encourages Bassa Selim to employ Belmonte as a constructor.


Pedrillo manages to make Osmin drunk, and Constanze and Belmonte escape. He forgives all four and releases them. Therefore the shepherdess asks fortune teller colas for his advice what to do to win back Bastien. Colas recommends for her to take revenge at the same level and ignore Bastien.

Just a little later, Bastien appears at Colas and confesses that he wants his Bastienne back. But Colas tells him that Bastienne already belongs to someone else. By the age of 5 he could read and write music, and he would entertain people with his talents on the keyboard. By the age of 6 he was writing his first compositions. Mozart was generally considered to be a rare musical genius, though Mozart said that he was diligent in studying other great composers such as Haydn and Bach.

Approximately three hours and 10 minutes including one minute intermission.

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  • He completed two operas just three months before his death….
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Leopold and Anna Maria, his wife, stressed the importance of music to their children. Together with his sister, Nannerl, Wolfgang received such intensive musical training that by the age of six he was a budding composer and an accomplished keyboard performer.

In Leopold presented his son as performer at the imperial court in Vienna, Austria, and from to he escorted both children on a continuous musical tour across Europe, which included long stays in Paris, France, and London, England, as well as visits to many other cities, with appearances before the French and English royal families.

Mozart was the most celebrated child prodigy an unusually gifted child of this time as a keyboard performer. From the age of ten to seventeen, Mozart's reputation as a composer grew to a degree of maturity equal to that of most older established musicians. Despite his growing reputation, Mozart found no suitable post open to him; and his father once more escorted Mozart, at age fourteen , and set off for Italy to try to make his way as an opera composer.

In Italy, Mozart was well received: in Milan, Italy, he obtained a commission for an opera; in Rome he was made a member of an honorary knightly order by the Pope; and at Bologna, Italy, the Accademia Filarmonica awarded him membership despite a rule normally requiring candidates to be twenty years old.

The Storm of Style

At Salzburg in late he renewed his writing of Symphonies Nos. Paris was a vastly larger theater for Mozart's talents. His father urged him to go there, for "from Paris the fame of a man of great talent echoes through the whole world," he wrote his son. But after nine difficult months in Paris, from March to January , Mozart returned once more to Salzburg, having been unable to secure a foothold and depressed by the entire experience, which had included the death of his mother in the midst of his stay in Paris.

In addition, he began giving lessons to make money. Mozart's years in Vienna, from age twenty-five to his death at thirty-five, cover one of the greatest developments in a short span in the history of music. In these ten years Mozart's music grew rapidly beyond the realm of many of his contemporaries; it exhibited both ideas and methods of elaboration that few could follow, and to many the late Mozart seemed a difficult composer.

The major instrumental works of this period bring together all the fields of Mozart's earlier activity and some new ones: six symphonies, including the famous last three: no. He finished these three works within six weeks during the summer of , a remarkable feat even for him.

Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas
Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas
Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas
Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas
Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas
Mozart and His Operas Mozart and His Operas

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