Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent

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Still a bitch, but with, unfortunately, enough justification to make her sympathetic. Willow can be this occasionally, especially in season 6.

Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent by Mark Blackard

Halfrek is a seemingly sweet-natured guidance counselor who is really a vengeance demon. Also, her insinuations against Xander to Anya. Shirley Bennett in Community tends to use a sugary-sweet personality and her devout religious beliefs to conceal and avoid dealing with her many personality flaws, including an extremely short and vicious temper, judgmental and hypocritical self-righteousness, mild racist beliefs and what is at times a very bitchy and nasty personality. Damages : Patty Hewes seems to be invited to guest at a heck of a lot of morning news-and-chat shows in spite of her numerous nefarious, under-the-table deeds.

Marisol from Degrassi is cute and cheerful if a bit dim , however, she flirted with, and possibly had an affair with, KC while he was living with his girlfriend and son , and told the entire school that her childhood best friend Katie was a recovering bulimic, almost causing Katie to relapse, all because Katie was dating Drew, who Marisol went on one date with months ago. Deus Salve O Rei : Princess Catarina of Artena puts on the Princess Classic facade, but she is actually an ambitious, militaristic War Hawk that wants to expand her kingdom's domain even further and is also a rotten person to the core saying she will not be "weak and soft" like her father King Augusto , who is painfully aware of her nature and tries to set her right.

Megan gets away with pretty much ''anything'' , and the only time she DOES get in trouble with her parents was for something she didn't do. As it turns out, not only he planned to steal Barry's speed for himself, but he had also kept captive the real Jay Garrick and used his name to instill a false sense of hope in people so he could take it later. A con artist with Companion training who works by seducing anyone worth a mark. Daphne from Frasier is a rather harmless and comedic example. While perfectly nice when she gets her way, she has also proven to be selfish, manipulative, petty, and a huge hypocrite who is quick to blame others for most of the problems she causes.

This is actually lampshaded shortly after she gets together with Niles, when she believes that her overeating binge was caused partly by anxiety over the fact that she knows she's not as sweet as she acts and doesn't think she can live up to Niles's expectations of her after he has built her up and worshipped the ground beneath her feet during seven years of Unrequited Love. It turns out that Niles is perfectly capable of coming up with a long list of things he hates about Daphne, but loves her all the same.

Friends : One of Rachel's boyfriends played by Ben Stiller in season 3.

John Brown (abolitionist)

He seems perfectly fine until someone or something pisses him off. Emily, Ross's 2nd ex-wife. Later on in her appearance, she became much more Granted, she had reason for being not so innocent anymore Ross said the wrong name at the wedding , but her 'demands' were admittedly quite unreasonable Rachel also comes across like this, frequently manipulating Ross's girlfriends behind his back, forcing him to take all responsibility for their relationship problems, and drawing all attention to herself.

Phoebe, late in the series, especially in that episode where she and Monica try to break up and fire, respectively, a guy, but the second one to do so is the bitch. Monica rehires him but Phoebe doesn't take him back. She's also pretty horrible to Ross and Chandler Monica's boyfriend and later husband including introducing Monica to her "soulmate" while being well aware of Chandler's rampant insecurities.

Phoebe openly admits her late grandmother was one of these, claiming that while she treated her granddaughter well she was terrible to everyone else and is definitely in Hell. Frances only appeared in one episode during which she seemed pleasant enough but we find also out she's been lying to Phoebe about who her father and grandfather are, claiming that photographs of a random male model and Albert Einstein were pictures of said relatives.

Being related to such a liar might explain why Phoebe took such a level in bitchiness later in the series. Later, Joffrey again pretends to be a decent guy for Margaery. The Good Doctor : Morgan Reznick is a textbook example. She immediately starts in being nasty to Claire Browne's face, sticking her with unpleasant tasks, and generally being a manipulative bitch She's manipulative and controlling and very rarely takes other peoples' feelings or opinions into account, but never gets called out on it.

She appears to be the sweet, maternal member of the group but is revealed at one point to have been quietly manipulating her friends' lives and relationships for YEARS going back to before the show began. In an episode of iCarly , Carly meets up with an old friend named Missy, but Sam has suspicions that Missy is trying to get her out of the picture, but Carly believes otherwise. It turns out that Sam was right all along, and after winning a chance to take a cruise, Missy confesses to Sam about her intentions, but Carly was within earshot at the time, and it also turns out that Freddie won the cruise and gave it to Missy, who is actually prone to seasickness.

The episode "iRocked the Vote" introduces us to Wade Collins, the runner-up of a signing contest. During an interview, Wade seems like a nice guy who admits that he wished he won the contest because he was going to use the prize money to pay for an operation his mother needs. Carly and Sam feel bad for Wade and decide to invite him on their show and even agree to help him make a music video. But when they meet him, Wade reveals to be a complete jerk who is rude to everyone and calls them all "Hobknockers" We never find out what that means.

All we know is that it's gross. And illegal And if that wasn't bad enough, Wade reveals later on that he made up the whole story about his mother needing an operation just to gain sympathy. Kluen Cheewit : Sathit's first impression of Jeerawat. He completely believes she's a horrible person who killed his fiancee. Felix Khoury from Trail of Lies may look like a dedicated son and loving brother at first, in actuality he's a very conniving person who would stop at nothing to ensure that he is the only heir to his parents' fortune and also to take over control of the hospital his family owns.

Marcy from Married However, she often ends up in situations where someone has wronged her, and this often causes her to describe in violent detail how she is going to exact revenge on them. In a similar fashion, she's also shown to be sex-obsessed, but she tries to keep this persona hidden from the Bundys because she wants to look wholesome and be the voice of reason. It never works. Morgana from Merlin has fallen into this, mostly in the earlier seasons when she was pretending to be the good girl princess-her temper and strong will showed up from time to time, but Uther never knew she was as bad as she was.

And she's openly evil nowadays.

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She wasn't really pretending to be good in the earlier seasons, she genuinely was kindhearted, yet fiery when she needed to be. Since learning she had magic and resenting how magic-users are treated in Camelot, she turned against her old friends and became the evil villain she is now. Although, after turning to darkness, she did admittedly pretend to still be an ally of Camelot for a while, before dropping the ruse.

He puts on a friendly face for his media appearances as a writer who is successful among readers and critics alike but can be quite mean once the cameras aren't running. The series Motive has the killer revealed to the audience in the opening scenes.

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Flashbacks show how the crime happened and why and often reveals the "victim" wasn't that nice and that others involved aren't good either. A limo driver kills a cop to protect his girlfriend. The flashbacks reveal the woman was actually a con artist setting him up the whole time. A father is murdered by a man who then kidnaps his daughter. However, it turns out the "father" is the one who kidnapped the girl years ago and his killer is her real father coming to rescue her.

A pilot appears to have been cheating on his fiancee with another woman who boasts an engagement ring and photos of them together and he killed her to marry a richer woman. But when arrested, he reveals the "girlfriend" was a woman he sat with on a single flight and stalked him, faking photos of them, stealing that ring and trying to ruin his life. When he finally confronted her, she attacked him and he had to kill her in self-defense.

A truly dark case in "The Frog and the Scorpion" as a woman has pleaded innocence for murder and when another killing like it occurs, it seems to prove it. She's freed as it turns out that the killer was her therapist, who'd fallen in love with her and committed this murder to get her out. They're at a cabin together As he lies dying, he sees her wicked smile and realizes she was guilty all along and used him to kill an innocent woman just to get out of jail. When the cops burst in, the woman starts crying out about how the man kidnapped her but they've already figured out the truth and arrest her.

Subverted in "In Plain Sight" as a long-lost girl comes back to her dying mother and older sister. The sister is suspicious of things, especially her mom changing the will to give her newfound daughter more money. The cops figure out that the girl isn't the missing daughter but part of a con. But as it happens, the mother had figured it out and knew the con artist was a good person and wanted her to end her life with dignity.

US Soldiers kill sheep

Sadly, the sister never realized and so killed the con artist, thinking she was protecting her mom. In Oz , Schillinger offers to be Beecher's new cellmate to seemingly protect him from Adebisi.

Beecher accepts the offer from the seemingly helpful Schillinger, but on their first night in the cell together Schillinger rapes Beecher and "brands" him by burning a swastika design into his right buttock. And let's hear it for Grace Whitney of Dance Academy : first she gets thrown out of the Royal Academy for driving another girl into a nervous breakdown; then she sets up Abigail the only one who's even remotely onto her as a villain to isolate her from her tentative friends Kat and Tara while also putting the moves on Abigail's choreographer Ethan and claiming he jumped her; she shows her true colours as a shameless and manipulative liar while rehearsing a 'self-revelation' choreography assignment, but still manages to convince everyone that she's a total sweetheart and 'the least competitive girl at the Academy'.

Don't you believe it; Grace will do anything to get ahead.

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HRH The Princess Eleanor from The Palace charms the public with her poise and charitable endeavours, but she's really a ruthless schemer who will abuse anyone's trust to get to the throne. Person of Interest : This happens multiple times, in keeping with the central premise that the protagonists only receive the identity of a person involved with a murder-to-happen - whether it's the victim or the murderer is up to them to find out, with several "obvious" victims turning out to be either the perpetrators of the crime in question or guilty of other crimes.

Specific examples all three of them from the first season include: The prosecutor in the pilot. The guy stalking her is trying to uncover her crimes, her trying to find another witness is so he can be silenced and the obvious trap she's walking into is merely her meeting her associates. Elias, the bogeyman of organized crime, plays the part of a school teacher who apparently has witnessed a murder and is now on a hit list. Reese protects him for most of the episode until Elias shows his true colours, cuffs Reese to a railing and escapes.

When we see Root in the season finale, she plays the part of a meek therapist who is being hunted down, giving no evidence of her true nature until we see her shoot a woman from behind and hold Finch up at gunpoint. Technically, she was the victim of the episode, but that was because she put a hit on herself so she could find the heroes who would come and rescue her. Robin Hood : Isabella shows her true colors when she tries to kill Robin after he dumps her. However, it is unintentionally subverted considering Robin's questionable behavior in this particular season and the fact that it is heavily hinted that Isabella has mental problems thanks to seventeen years of an abusive marriage.

Likewise, the Derailing Love Interests trope played a part, as Robin hooked up with Kate soon afterwards. Kate herself was petty, mean, jealous, spiteful, and vindictive Scandal : Becky, Huck's girlfriend turns out to this. No one could have ever suspected this person of shooting the President and framing Huck for it or being such a murderous psycho in general. In season 7, President-elect Frankie Vargas is killed on stage right after winning the election. On the night of the Inauguration, Liv confronts Luna on how she was the one behind her own husband's murder, all as a plot to be named President herself.

Luna defends herself on how Frankie would have had to make compromises and not get enough done. She pays for it by being forced to kill herself. Scrubs : How Dr. Kelso was introduced.

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He later turns out to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold , especially after he retires. A Whole Plot Reference storyline had oldest sister Alex hiring a new assistant Evelyn , who rapidly made herself indispensable while simultaneously fawning and gushing over her. It soon became obvious that the girl was in fact undermining her and after her job. On Smallville , Mikhail Mxyzptlk is introduced at the beginning of the episode as someone who isn't too bad a guy. He helps Chloe place a bet on a football game that Clark's taking part in. He later helps Chloe write an article for the Torch. Later in the episode though, it's shown that he's actually a very manipulative person, demonstrated further by his ability to control people's actions by speaking.

Star Trek: The Original Series : Khan seemed like a really swell guy, 'til he set out to kill Kirk, steal his ship, and conquer the known universe.

Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent
Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent
Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent
Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent
Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent Killing Sheep: The Righteous Insurgent

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