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Readers can quickly decide whether or not the article interests them. Even if readers stop reading the New York Times article after the first two sentences, they still know the main point of the article. The formula allows readers to skim articles to pick up on certain details, rather than read them word for word.

Introduction To Journalism

This is helpful when a reader already knows the main point of a widely covered news story — as was the case with the assassination — and is simply looking for updates. The formula is also helpful to print media editors. The print media includes newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other printed publications.

These materials typically have strict space restrictions, and articles often need to be shortened. The inverted pyramid allows editors to cut material from the bottom of an article without cutting important information. It is important to note that some news stories do not strictly follow the inverted pyramid style, although the lead for a hard news piece always does. Furthermore, not everyone in the journalism field embraces the style; some detractors believe it is an unnatural way to engage in storytelling and present news to the public.

Yet, proponents believe it is an efficient way to organize and share information in a fast-paced society. I do not have a concrete answer at the moment. I have the points tho. If you find a better answer. Please contact me. I have added a list of Crew and Department. I could not find anything in accordance with that. But I am not sure. Electronic news-gathering is when reporters and editors make use of electronic video and audio technologies in order to gather and present news.

Electronic news-gathering can involve anything from a lone reporter taking a single professional video camera out to shoot a story, to an entire television crew taking a production or satellite truck on-location to conduct a live news report for an outside newscast. Electronic news requires teamwork.


Generally a journalist goes to the site or place of the news story. A cameraperson is often accompanied with the journalist. Then the rough footage is edited by the news editor, who packages the entire story. The journalist either prepares the script of the news story and dubs his voiceover that helps in the narrative of the story.

Sometimes, journalists will try to give their opinion via P2C wherein they speak directly to the camera that seems as if they are speaking to the viewers themselves. In crucial news stories, journalists are connected live with the anchors of the studio, where in they provide live update of the news. Nowadays breaking news are happening at a lightening speed. So the electronic news team have to be on their toes to be up to date with information.

Please give examples as well. Basically Genre, you gotta talk about some news genres and elaborate on them. Journalism and the art of delivering of the news come in many forms. Some approaches to news gathering and reporting are known to be more popular if compared with the rest. Some reporting techniques are also considered specialized and best done by certain journalists who are trained in this specialization.

Take the case of beat reporting- this is one form of reporting that is highly specialized and will normally focus on a very specific aspect of an issue, industry or even sector. It is a normal practice that beat reporters should not be new in the field. These are the reporters that are allowed to grow in their jobs. The beat reporters will be assigned a niche, industry or focus and they are expected to familiarize themselves with the available topics and issues that may arise.

They are expected not just to deliver the news but they are also expected to come up with informed observations and commentaries on the latest news and issues for a given time. The ability to come up with insights and commentaries help the beat reporters define themselves from the typical journalists in the field and in the offices. For example, this will refer to the same path or road that is taken by the police officer.

Using the same concept, the journalism industry has also adopted the word. Beat reporting is considered an important aspect of journalism and this is seen by the awards that are given to successful beat reports. For example, there was the Pulitzer Prize for Beat Reporting.

People crave information about food.

Why choose this course?

One great food blogger could cover this beat, but in a larger newsroom, this beat could be divided among a gardening columnist, a restaurant critic, a recipe writer and a reporter covering nutrition and agriculture. Properly executed, the food beat — and the audience it connects with — can entice significant advertising support from local food producers, markets and restaurateurs. Education defines lives of young people and parents within your community, and news about education is their primary information need.

And yet, most news organizations give little coverage to education, beyond easy-to-cover issues such as prep sports, police calls to a campus and state-released test scores. Student safety regulations limit access to students. Overworked and underpaid teachers have little time for outsiders. District personnel have grown used to the media portraying academics negatively, if they cover it all.

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But the reward for a news organization that can fully cover a school district is huge. Heck, maybe more comprehensive coverage of their schools might entice more than a few students into a habit of reading the local news. We eat. We learn. We work.

Business stories typically focus on the management side. But what about the pocketbook and workplace politics issues that employees face?

Introduction to Journalism | Higher Education

What are people doing in your community to get hired, to get promoted or even just to keep their jobs? Make it a daily habit to check that information at city hall, or wherever such notices are filed in your community. The Business journalist or reporter covers in-depth reports about the latest in business, launch of products, stock markets etc. There are many shows on T. A weekly round-up of new hires and promotions at local businesses also ought to be a must for any local business writer.

Every other business person in your community is facing those same issues. Faith unites and divides people within your community.

It inspires some, and disturbs others. Political and social movements are born within places of worship. The relationships formed and strengthened within churches and other places of worship affect how business and political deals will be made in your community. You need a reporter who accepts people of all faiths, without prejudice, so that they will be accepted by sources in all faith communities. Primarily concerned with civil governments and political power. It is frequently opinionated on by many experts analyzing the several features of current affairs in relation to the government.

The politician-journalist relationship is both adversarial and symbiotic. It provides the backdrop for diverse ethical issues which the political Journalist must fight with. Political journalism has two main types of journalists. One being the traditional journalist who may have an office with the government and reports news purely based on the facts without passing their own judgment and political feelings. The other main type is the opinionated journalist, a reformer, a critic, analyst, and columnist.

Also referred to as investigative journalism.

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  4. This type of journalism is about unearthing facts and studying cases that may require more efforts, which can take months or even years. Journalists who specialize in investigative journalism create headlines with news that expose scandals. Sometimes, persistent follow up of a story proves beneficial to uncover some hitherto unsolved cases. This would require in-depth research from the journalist along with evidence. The entertainment industry includes the lives of the rich and famous, all the gossip, scandals, etc. But all that is just a part of the entertainment industry journalism. It also includes all the movie buzz, television show reviews and a whole lot more.

    Fashion journalism as the name suggests is all about articles or reports related to the fashion world. Journalists are also known as fashion writers or fashion editors. The main job is to cover the latest in the fashion business or develop lifestyle articles. Such fashion articles can be found in magazines and newspapers. Today, there are many television channels that cater only to fashion, which gives ample opportunity for journalists who have a passion to cover such topics.

    Another aspect of the entertainment world is the celebrity journalism, in India it Page 3 is considered to have most of the articles in relation to this. The journalist is connected to news and events related to celebrities from the entertainment world and also includes celebrities from other fields such as music, sports, dance, art, politics, etc. This journalism is particularly popular with newspapers, magazines and television.

    If your community is closely associated with an individual professional sport then you might consider launching an additional, niche publication covering that sport. Journalists spend hours reporting on a particular sport event. A journalist has to report the accurate facts and statistics related to that event. Interviews with celebrity sport stars are yet one of the interesting features of sports journalism. Here reporters give detailed analysis and reviews of the gadgets.

    The target audience is not that wide though, it is more looked into by the younger generation as they have higher interest in technology advancements.

    Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism
    Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism
    Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism
    Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism
    Introduction to Journalism Introduction to Journalism

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