Geomorphology of the Tropics

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ESPM C107/IB 158LF: Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands

It contains results for more than samples studied in detail in the field and the laboratory. More than 30 parameters, each comprising several components, were thoroughly studied and statistically evaluated. The final step of such large research programme is of course its synthesis, and this is exactly what we find in this book.

Weathering being the basis of all geomorphological processes, a dominant part of the book is devoted to this subject.

Tropical Geomorphology

Different aspects of weathering are discussed, based largely on mineralogical and micromorphological studies. After the characterisation of saprolites, their transformation to other regolith material, including soils, is discussed. This is followed by the analysis of erosional and morphogenetic processes on different rock types in different environments. However, the present version is much more than a translation, encompassing a range of new ideas and findings in the field of tropical geomorphology.

The number of maps and illustrations has also been increased.

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with special reference to South America

Climatic geomorphology is the study of the role of climate in shaping landforms and the earth-surface processes. Desert geomorphology or the geomorphology of arid and semi-arid lands shares many landsforms and processes with more humid regions.

Environmental Change and Geomorphic Response in Humid Tropical Mountains

One distinctive feature is the sparse or lacking vegetation cover, which influences fluvial and slope processes, related to wind and salt activity. As a discipline periglacial geomorphology is close but different to Quaternary science and geocryology.

Periglacial geomorphology is concerned with non-glacial cold-climate landforms in areas with and without permafrost. Beyond this quarter an additional quarter or fifth or Earth's land surface had periglacial conditions at some time during the Pleistocene. Relative to temperate zones the tropics contain areas of high temperatures, high rainfall intensities and high evapotranspiration all of which are climatic features relevant for surface processes.

Some landforms previously thought as typically tropical like bornhardts are more related to lithology and rock structure than climate.

Tropical Geomorphology

Climatic geomorphologists have devised various schemes that divide Earth's surface into various morphoclimatic zones ; that is, zones where landforms are associated to present or past climates. As such this scheme is concerned not only with processes but also with end-products of geomorphic activity. The scheme of Tricart and Cailleux emphasizes the relationship between geomorphology, climate and vegetation. A review argues that only the concepts of desert , glacial , periglacial and a few coastal [B] morphoclimatic zones are justified. These zones amounts to about half of Earth's land surface, the remaining half cannot be explained in simple terms by climate-landform interactions.

Summerfield large-scale zoning of the relief of Earth's surface is better explained on the basis of plate tectonics than on climate. During the age of New Imperialism in the late 19th century European explorers and scientists traveled across the globe bringing descriptions of landscapes and landforms.

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As geographical knowledge increased over time these observations were systematized in a search for regional patterns. Climate emerged thus as prime factor for explaining landform distribution at a grand scale.

Geomorphology of the Tropics Geomorphology of the Tropics
Geomorphology of the Tropics Geomorphology of the Tropics
Geomorphology of the Tropics Geomorphology of the Tropics
Geomorphology of the Tropics Geomorphology of the Tropics
Geomorphology of the Tropics Geomorphology of the Tropics

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