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If you had never seen another chess book before and were a real beginner then this book may do the job far better than any other book on the market. I don't know. I cannot unlearn chess and try again. So perhaps the only players who can give this book a fair and just comment are the players who bought it when they were beginners.

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I used it when I was a beginner and so did my brother. It was fun and I think it was valuable.

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It certainly didn't do us any harm. I currently recommend it to some of my students.

A more advanced book that has some similarities is John Bain's "Chess Tactics for Students" available from his website www. It was the first chess book I read as a pure beginner. I read it when it first came out. I rather liked it since I did not know chess notation at the time. My second book was Chernev's Invitation to Chess - a book I also liked as a beginner.

I then read one of Horowitz's books on chess traps. Then I found all of the Dover paperback reprints and I was off to the races!!!! Most of the Dover reprints were great books and at a good price. SwissGambit Caninus Interruptus. Originally posted by dsmichel This was one of my favorites. That was the only theme that was in it. I got that book as a gift a few years ago. Honestly it was the worst chess book I have ever read and I have read around 20 books on chess.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (Reprint) [Prebind]

I whipped through it in a day and learned nothing, every puzzle had one theme, weak backranks and most of them were mates in one. The format is terrible, halfway through you have to turn the book up side down to read it. Not to mention Bobby Fischer had almost nothing to do with the book, the makers of the book just slapped his name on it so it would sell Hi Knight, You may have somehting there about h3's and h6's.

I'll remember that and use it as my own in a later column You are lagging far behind. I'm well over and this is my 2nd collection. I still chuckle at my wife's comment a few years ago after she saw me picking up a couple books at a junk shop.

Surely you know how the pieces move by now. Rough translation of Russian proverb, that had circulated amongst Soviet chess players from 's.

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My point is that great players by the rule are not good in teaching as the best writers do not hold creative writing workshops. But, if people can benefit from Bobby's book - that's great. Viewed times. ETD 19k 4 4 gold badges 74 74 silver badges bronze badges. Totero Totero 1, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. Have you ever tried any chess DVDs e. BTW Chess. That was my first Chess book, and I also thought it was very well-done. I was hoping for some visual books but this gives me a thinly veiled excuse to get a tablet.

The method that was used in Bobby Fischer Teaches chess is called programmed instruction. Leslie Ault was involved in the writing of Bobby Fischer Teaches chess as well. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Voyage the art of the checkmate from Si Fischer, chess amie. Voyage the art of the checkmate from Bobby Fischer, chess arrondissement. Chess::Elo is a Perl voyage to voyage Chess "Elo" ratings.

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    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

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